Tamworth Tales


Tamworth Tales

2018 marks my fourth year going to Tamworth for the Country Music Festival. Although I’ve only been a handful of times, I can easily say that some of my fondest memories and friendships were formed there.

I first went in 2015 when I was fortunate to attend the Junior Course of the CMAA Academy of Country Music in January. I’d just graduated high school and was ‘finding my feet’ as an artist. It was incredible to be taught by the best in the business and meet some of the most talented musicians I know, whom I’m proud to still call friends.

After graduating from the Junior Course of the Academy, my family and I stayed around Tamworth for my first ever TCMF. Laura Byrnes and her family were so kind to us, and even had me up on stage at a few of her gigs. Over the years, Laura and I have stayed best friends and have done our gigs at each TCMF together since.

What I love most about Tamworth is the sense of family and belonging you feel as soon as you arrive. Everyone is there for the same reason; their love for country music. It is such a supportive environment for a musician and it is the perfect place to grow and discover who you are as an artist, while still having the time of your life.

Tamworth has been a special part of my family over the decades, and I’m so happy to continue this tradition. Last year was better than I could have imagined. I attended the Senior Course of the CMAA Academy of Country Music and met the most exceptional musicians, whom I’m also now able to call friends. I played some of my favourite shows as well, including the Maton Guitar Showcase. This was a highlight as I love my little Maton’s like they’re family. I was given my first Maton for my 13th birthday and when I turned 18 my Maton family grew by one. In a perfect world, I’d have a whole clan of them in my bedroom.

Each year has somehow been able to top the last, and 2018 will be no exception. In just over 10 days I’ll be performing on the Toyota Park Stage for the chance to be the 39th Toyota Star Maker. This is honestly a dream come true, and no matter the outcome I’m over the moon with how far I’ve come in the last four years and am so thankful to Star Maker for this opportunity. If you’re going to be at the TCMF later this month, I would love to have your support in the crowd at Toyota Park on Sunday the 21st at 7pm.

For those attending the festival, I hope you all have a wonderful time listening to good quality country music, catching up with old friends and making new ones along the way. If you’re not coming along this year, I hope to see you there in 2019! 

Here's where I'll be playing during the festival this month:
Saturday 20th 5pm - Fanzone
Sunday 21st 7pm - Toyota Star Maker Grand Final
Monday 22nd 12:30pm - Rising Stars Showcase @ The Southgate Inn
Monday 22nd 7pm - Under the Sails @ The Pub
Tuesday 23rd 10am - TSA Songwriters Sessions @ Post Office Hotel
Tuesday 23rd 4pm - CMAA Senior Academy 2017 Reunion @ The Pub
Tuesday 23rd 8pm - Pure Country Spectacular @ The Capitol Theatre
Thursday 25th 1:30pm - James Blundell @ Wests
Thursday 25th 8:15pm - Lee Kernaghan 25th Anniversary Tour @ TRECC
Friday 26th 12:30pm - TSA Songwriters Sessions @ Cattleman Steakhouse
Sunday 28th 12:00pm - The Pig and Tinder Box 

Chat soon,
Chloe xx


2017 In Review


2017 In Review

This year has had its fair share of highs and lows accompanied by some of the most incredible experiences of my life thus far. I turned 20, meaning I was no longer under the security blanket of teenage hood and I was finally a 'real' adult.

The year of the Rooster started out full steam ahead. I attended the Senior Course of the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth, where I met lifelong friends, learnt invaluable skills and immersed myself in Country Music for two weeks. The Tamworth Country Music Festival followed straight after and it was my most successful to date. I gigged around Tamworth with one of my best friends, Laura Byrnes. We were provided with so many great opportunities which not only gave us the confidence to keep performing but offered us irreplaceable experience.

My biggest achievement to date occurred on the 24th of January when my Debut EP was released. I launched the EP at Simon Johnson’s Hillbilly Hut Showcase in Tamworth in front of family, friends and strangers alike. It was the most surreal feeling finally having music out in the world for all to hear, and I still get excited every time somebody new messages me mentioning they’ve purchased a copy.

This year also marked my third year of University, where I study a dual degree of Business and Journalism. There were times that I wanted to throw in the towel and focus solely on my music, but I’ve come this far and with only a couple years left it would be a shame to quit now.

In March came my 20th Birthday as well as my official EP Launch at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in Brisbane. The venue was unbelievable and I couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate this milestone with my closest friends and wonderful family. I remember standing up on stage before the final song and feeling an overwhelming sense of love and warmth radiating through the room. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my family, so a huge thank you must go to them for their unconditional support.

Sadly, March also brought the untimely death of my best friend and our beloved four-legged friend Snowy. We miss you more and more each day Snow.

I feel fortunate to have been provided with many incredible opportunities throughout the year. Lee Kernaghan was incredibly kind and asked me to open six of his 25th Anniversary Concerts across QLD and VIC. A highlight would be performing before his slot at the Big Red Bash in Birdsville in July, right on the edge of the Simpson Desert. I am forever grateful to Lee and all he has offered me, I could never have imagined having half of the opportunities I had this year if it wasn’t for his generosity.

The rest of the year flew by, being made up predominantly of University study and gigging regularly around the Gold Coast at venues including O’Reillys Vineyard.

However, in late November my Dad and I travelled to Nepal to embark on a two-week trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. This was undoubtedly one of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences I’ve ever faced. Nepal is an incredible country and it’s so easy to fall in love with the people, their culture and the breathtaking scenery that makes you feel like you’re on a movie set. Dad and I were successful in reaching Base Camp, however we were both plagued with a stomach bug which resulted in an early return home. We are so thankful to our guide for including us on this once in a life time trip.

2017 is almost over, and with a new year comes new goals and aspirations. I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions however I promise I’ll try harder with these blogs.

You should be all caught up now on my year. I’m so excited to see what 2018 holds and share my experiences with you along the way.

Thank you for all your support this year (or more if you’ve been around longer). If you came out to a gig, purchased my EP or even just liked my Facebook page your support means more than you can imagine.

Chat soon,
Chloe xx


Get To Know Me


Get To Know Me

Hi friend!

I assume we're friends already because you're either here from my Facebook page or I've asked you to check out my website (shameless self-promotion). Thanks for stopping by - I hope we can make this a regular arrangement! 

I'm not all that great at talking about myself, but I thought I should give you an insight into who I am if you're planning on sticking around any longer. Here's my answers to some questions that took me about 20 minutes to find on the internet, in the hope that you'll learn at least one new thing about me. 

1. How old are you? The big 1 9.

2. Do you have a nickname? No :( If you think of one please let me know! That's something I've always felt like I missed out on during my childhood. (For a while there I tried to make Cleo happen, but somehow it didn't stick?)

3. Are you named after anyone? Not that I know of, no. We're off to a great start people! (It'll get better I promise)

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yeah! But I’d be careful around meal times because I'm one of those people that get angry when they're hungry, and that ain't pretty for anyone involved. 

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Ha! I would say no, but maybe you should ask my friends - they might have a different opinion. (It's a yes).

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? I already have! I went to New Zealand in December last year and bungeed off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. It was 43 meters of absolute terror but as soon as I'd finished it I wanted to do it again and again! Take that fear of heights!

7. What’s your favorite cereal? Coco Pops or Frootloops. Or maybe Cornflakes. There's too many! But to be honest I'm more of an eggs on toast kind of gal. 

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their dress sense. I know it's really silly but I'm always intrigued to see how other people dress! I've found a lot of wardrobe inspiration from girls I've walked past on the street and really should thank them for saving me from the homeless chic look I was rockin' for a while there. 

9. What is your eye colour? Green, but a really light green. People also tend to classify it as Hazel. 

10. Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings 110%. I cannot deal with scary movies unless I have something to cover my eyes with when the super scary part is on. Top tip, never take me to see a scary movie or I'll walk out before the credits even start (trust me, it's happened). 

11. Favorite smells? Rain, freshly mown grass and the smell of a new book (so cliché I'm sorry). 

12. Summer or winter? Winter. Everything about it is just so appealing - the fashion, the weather, the sun rising later so I can sleep that little bit longer, ya know, the important things in life. 

13. Computer or television? Computer – TVs have almost become void with the likes of Netflix and TV streaming now being a thing. 

14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? America. I've been fortunate enough to travel to the States a few times in my short life and the one time that I really felt like home was a million miles away was when I was there without my family. I was partaking in the Global Young Leaders Conference in 2014 and I travelled alone from LA to Washington, then on to New York with the group. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who's looking for that something extra that will provide them with communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

15. Do you have any special talents? Always having a clean room. I'm not sure if that's a talent but it's definitely a rarity among teenagers. 

16. Where were you born? Straya mate.

17. What are your hobbies? Reading, playing instruments, compulsively shopping, binge watching TV series when I should be studying, relaxing at home with my family, going on walks and picking flowers. 

18. Do you have any pets? Yes! My beautiful boy Snowy is a white, fluffy Maltese Poodle - hence the name.

19. Favorite movie? Either Finding Nemo or Law Abiding Citizen. Such a contrast but Law Abiding Citizen was the first 'Thriller/Drama' that I actually enjoyed and it's stuck with me ever since. Also, who doesn't love a little bit of Gerard Butler? Side note, I'm so EXCITED for Finding Dory to be released I could almost cry of happiness. 

20. Do you have any siblings? Yes… One older sister who has all the qualities I wish I had. 

21. What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy! I feel as though happiness is taken for granted, and I know that no matter what I end up doing professionally I won't be truly happy without the love and support of my family and friends. 

22. Do you go to University? If yes, what do you study? I sure do. I study a Bachelor of Business and Journalism but hope to one day be a professional musician. Not sure how those two degrees will get me there but I'm excited for the journey!

Well, hopefully that clears a few things up! If you have any more queries, questions, urgent 'must-knows' just comment below and I'll be more than happy to help!

Much love,

Chloe xx