Hi friend!

Last year I attended the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music in Tamworth but didn’t get to spend time at the festival. So this year I decided to completely immerse myself in what the city has to offer for the 10 day period that is the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Flashback to the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music, where I became close friends with one of the best people in the world, Laura Byrnes. Laura is from a small country town in Victoria and she’s also a singer/songwriter, so we decided that this year we would share the times we were given to perform and spend the week together supporting one another in our songs.

Laura and I before we attended the Golden Guitars this year (omg!!)

Some of the venues we played at included the Toyota Park Stage, Hogs Breath Café and Fanzone.  It was honestly the most incredible experience to be able to perform every day for a week and have people in the audience that weren’t just my family. My time in Tamworth really helped me develop my courage and get a better handle on the nerves I experience before every show. It was definitely one of the best weeks of my year so far, and I must thank Laura and her family for being such great company! Bring on Tamworth 2017!

Much love,

Chloe xx